High Performance & Flexible Hydraulic Power Unit

DeepDrill Solutions were contacted by a subsea hydraulics service provider in India, to quote for a dual purpose hydraulic power unit (HPU) for both flushing and hydrostatic testing of hydraulic systems.

Initial Action

After an extended consultation with the customer and the end user DeepDrill Solutions submitted a detailed proposal for a pre-engineered workshop use HPU. The system was designed for flushing (25 litres at 8,000 PSI) and hydrostatic testing (15,000 PSI) hydraulic systems using HW540 as the control fluid.

Throughout the proposal process, DeepDrill Solutions were in constant communication with the customer clarifying any technical queries that the end user had. After numerous calls and email exchanges, DeepDrill Solutions were awarded the project. 


Following the contract award, DeepDrill Solutions submitted the P&ID drawing for approval by the end user where, upon review they requested several changes to be made to the HPU to enhance its performance.

The end user required a solution that not only offered high performance at all times but one that could also be used flexibly on a range of different applications. In order to enhance its performance, an additional flushing pump was installed along with a back pressure regulator in the flushing line so that the HPU could be used for valve actuation. An extra auxiliary port was also added to facilitate retrofit installation of a high-pressure accumulator.

The end user also wanted to combine the flushing and hydrotest line, resulting in the need for larger bore 1″ high pressure tubing, extra valves and fittings, a digital pressure gauge with data logging was also installed.

Following a collaborative design phase, DeepDrill Solutions were able to accommodate all of the additional technical and functional requirements with only a minor impact on the cost of the solution. Revision 5 of the design was met with approval and the HPU began manufacture.

The HPU has recently completed a successful trial onsite by the end user and our customer was delighted to share that the performance is ‘totally outstanding’ and is achieving the desired results.


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